Pinot Noir NZ

2010, 2013, 2017

Client: Pinot Noir NZ/New Zealand Winegrowers

Location: Wellington

New Zealand Winegrowers developed Pinot Noir NZ with the key objective of present New Zealand’s second largest grape varietal to the international market.   

Pinot Noir NZ is an international event to position our Pinot Noir, other New Zealand wine and New Zealand produce on the world stage. Each of the Pinot events we have been involved in have had their challenges – formal tasting for 500 delegates is hugely complex.  Held last in Wellington, there were seven venues, three seated lunches, three gala evening events and 10,000 glasses.  The underlying basis has always been the same however, delivering a complex but seamless event featuring at least 100 of New Zealand’s top Pinot Noir producers, inspiring sessions from the world or New Zealand’s most challenging and informed wine commentators and producers and a series of simply amazing culinary experiences in waterfront locations in Wellington.

The logistics associated with running an event like this were extraordinarily complex. Considering it was held across 7 Wellington venues with multiple wine tastings each day, culinary events, a full conference program, formal dinners, and cocktail functions each evening.

The challenges around guiding delegates safely to different venues around Wellington for sessions, meals and tastings had a huge Health and Safety process involved. Recycling over 10,000 glasses each day having them ready for each tasting and meal was another challenging exercise.

Ultimately, we took a results focused approach whilst working through the complex challenges associated with these events. The client and delegates gave fantastic feedback, we met all our KPIs, and the event has been reviewed as the best wine event on the planet! In 2017 Pinot Noir NZ won the Best Business Event of the Year at the New Zealand Event Award.