Microbiological Society Conference

2022 – Present

Client: New Zealand Microbiological Society

Location: Various Locations around New Zealand

The Microbiological Society Conference showcases the latest advances in microbiology research and technology. Our conference is a platform for scientists, researchers, and academics to share their insights and knowledge on various topics related to microbiology.  Attendees can engage in lively discussions, network with colleagues and forge new collaborations, participate in poster sessions and attend the prestigious NZMS Orator session.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including microbial genetics and genomics, medical microbiology, microbial ecology, food microbiology, plant pathology and biotechnology.

There is a line-up of Plenary and Invited speakers includes some of the most prominent names in microbiology, who will share their research and insights on current topics in the field.  The conference also features an exhibition hall, showcasing the latest equipment and technology in microbiology.

We were delighted by the positive outcome of the previous year’s conference and are excited to note an uptick in registrations for this year. Given that last year marked our inaugural management of the New Zealand Microbiological conference, it was gratifying to observe that we successfully provided all anticipated services to our client within the expected timeframe, resulting in a favourable outcome.