ILGA World Conference

2019 (New Zealand Host)

Client: ILGA

Location: Wellington

ILGA World is proud to be a global voice of LGBTIQA+ networks, communities and movements tirelessly committed to shaping a world where everyone can live safely, equally, and free. ILGA World has a conference biannually at a different location around the world which Wellington won the bid to host in 2019. It is classified as a Human Rights conference and is a chance to assess where the community stand, share experiences and best practices, build alliances and partnerships, discuss the future of the LGBTIQA+ movement, and collectively chart ways to advance equality worldwide.

After almost two years of planning alongside host associations and ILGA representatives abroad, finally overcoming visa roadblocks and welcoming 600 delegates from over 100 nations to Wellington was really rewarding. Especially amazing for the delegates who could finally see in person members from their colleagues and community after two years. The Conference was an enormous success and the programme, formal and social functions were well received and descried as the best conference in its 40 years run.