HETTANZ - (The Home Economics and Technology Teachers’ Association of New Zealand)


2015 – Present

Client: HETTANZ President and Executive Board

Location: Various locations around New Zealand (Conference)

HETTANZ encourages the lifelong learning of Home Economics and Technology education. It is a future orientated teachers association promoting professional support and advocacy for all HETTANZ educators.

HETTANZ offers many benefits including professional learning opportunities, curriculum and assessment updates, online forums, and networking events.


As a trusted partner, our company takes pride in providing comprehensive project and event management services to HETTANZ. Our role encompasses various crucial aspects of their operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of the organisation and the success of their key events.

A key Avenues role with HETTANZ is the annual conference and AGM, a pivotal event that has experienced substantial growth under our event management. Our involvement spans various critical roles, encompassing comprehensive event management, including venue selection, theme development, and budgeting. We take charge of securing engaging keynote speakers who impart valuable insights and inspiration to attendees.

Additionally, our role involves organising workshops tailored to the diverse interests and needs of HETTANZ members. We also curate off-site field trips aimed at providing hands-on experiences for attendees. We also design multiple breakout sessions to facilitate peer learning and foster the exchange of knowledge among conference attendees.

Database Management
We manage HETTANZ’s growing database of over 900 members, this includes renewing, invoicing, and creating online accounts for new members.    

Member Communications
Our team is responsible for crafting and delivering weekly newsletters to keep members informed and engaged, fostering a sense of community and professional development. We also handle all other marketing communications to the database.  

Branch Funds and Accounting
We oversee the management of branch funds, including financial accounting, budgeting, and expenditure tracking, to ensure financial stability and transparency. 

HETTANZ Executive Support
We coordinate and facilitate quarterly meetings for the HETTANZ executive, helping them strategise and follow through on key actions and decisions. 

Website Management and Design
We design all marketing and promotional material for HETTANZ, ensuring a cohesive and professional image for the organisation, including event promotions and brand marketing. 

Sponsorship Management
We maintain strong relationships with existing sponsors to ensure their continued support and engagement. We also proactively reach out to potential sponsors to expand HETTANZ’s network of supporters, securing valuable partnerships. 


Through our dedicated efforts, HETTANZ has experienced significant growth in its membership, engagement, and the overall success of their annual conference. HETTANZ has become a vibrant community of educators, with their flagship event attracting over 150 attendees. The professional development opportunities and networking avenues we’ve created have contributed to the growth and enhancement of HETTANZ. 


Avenues has collaborated with HETTANZ to enhance its online presence, membership, conference impact, and design aesthetics. This was achieved by launching a user-friendly website and strategically engaging members, resulting in significant growth in both membership and conference attendance. 

Design and aesthetic enhancements established a professional, refreshed brand image. Additionally, a new conference program structure developed by Avenues grew the event, providing educators with a more specialised platform to exchange fresh ideas. 


HETTANZ Conference: 120 – 150 delegates 
HETTANZ Membership: 900 + members  


Our work with HETTANZ has been marked by a dynamic collaboration that has effectively addressed their challenges and elevated their goals.  

From the launch of a new website and achieving remarkable growth in membership and conference attendance to the enhancement of designs and the introduction of an exciting new conference program, we have consistently worked hand in hand with HETTANZ to promote what HETTANZ is all about and benefit its members.