2016 – Present

Client: Wellington Culinary Events Trust (WCET)

Location: Wellington

New Zealand’s most popular beer festival which has been operating for over 20 years. Held annually in August at Sky Stadium in Wellington over four sessions in two days, Beervana is not only about the beer but includes visual and interactive activity happening all over the stadium concourse. Beervana is all about discovery and collaboration – interactive themed bars, innovative collaborations, all paired with fantastic food. 

Our support covers all aspects of the event management including brewery, vendor, and stakeholder liaison, ticketing, health and safety, council permits and liquor licensing, and assisting with event concepts and strategy.

Some of the key delivery challenges of running Beervana have been managing multiple bodies with over 14,000 attendees over four sessions, nearly 80 breweries and food vendors, several layers of contractors and over 150 volunteers.  

Avenues were brought on board to deliver a fully streamlined beer festival which could be appreciated by the beer community, breweries, food lovers, and the ticketholders alike. We knew it would be complicated to manage such a large festival, with alcohol involved, and a venue shaped as a circle, but we took on the challenge with results-driven approach helping to cement Beervana as New Zealand’s premier beer festival.